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As an adult, your hearing can change over time for various reasons. These changes are often a natural part of the ageing process, and there is no need to be alarmed. Our mission at Medico Audiology Services is to help you understand your hearing better and empower you to live without compromise.

Embrace Change and Preserve Your Hearing

It’s important not to be afraid of changes in our hearing. Embracing them and taking the necessary steps to care for our residual hearing is crucial. We are here to guide you through this process and offer expert advice on selecting a hearing aid that is carefully tailored to your hearing needs. Our number one priority at Medio Audiology is our clients, as we are committed to finding the perfect hearing solution tailored to their lifestyles and requirements.

Cork Audiological Services

Medico Audiology Services offers comprehensive and independent hearing tests in Cork. We understand that each individual’s hearing profile is unique, and our specialised diagnostic approach is designed to identify your specific needs accurately. Olwyn Morris uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to evaluate your hearing health.

Here is a list of the hearing tests we provide in Cork:


Tympanometry tests the middle ear function and the movement of the ear drum known medically as the tympanic membrane. It is an objective test. The test measures your ear’s response to both sound and pressure. The results are recorded on a graph called a “tympanogram.” It allows the detection of middle ear fluid, abnormal air pressure/eustachian tube dysfunction, problems with the ossicular bones in the middle ear and perforation of the ear drum.

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Acoustic Reflexes

The acoustic reflex is the contraction of the stapedius muscle in the middle ear elicited by the presentation of an acoustically loud sound.
When either ear is presented with a loud sound, the stapedius muscles on both sides contract. Acoustic reflex results make a major contribution to differential diagnosis and should be part of every basic audiological evaluation. They can provide/confirm information about nerve function and the type (conductive, sensory, neural) and degree of hearing loss.

Pure-tone audiometry

The purpose of pure- tone audiometry is to establish the hearing sensitivity at various pitches for air conduction and bone conduction. Our Pure-tone audiometry hearing test Cork can specify the air conduction and bone conduction loss and distinguish between abnormality in the middle ear and the inner ear.

Speech audiometry

Speech audiometry uses speech signals like words to assess a person’s ability to discriminate between words, hear and recall words. Speech audiometry provides information regarding the impact that the hearing loss has on audibility and clarity in quiet and in noise.


Video-otoscopy allows the visualisation and examination of the ear canal and ear drum.

Don’t worry about any of our tests above, we will know which one is right for you. You simply need to book in with us and let us look after you.

Your Hearing, Your Life, No Compromises

At Medico Audiology Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest care and support at our hearing clinic in Cork. Our commitment to helping you live life to the fullest means we are always available to assist you and schedule hearing tests. We are passionate about helping you achieve optimal hearing and a better quality of life. Trust us to lead you towards improved hearing health and overall well-being. Book a private consultation at our Cork hearing clinic by filling in your details below. Alternatively, you can call or write to us using the contact information below.

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