About Olwyn Morris

Olwyn Morris, Clinical Lead

“My patients are incredibly important to me. I put them at the centre of everything I do. I listen to their needs and offer a ‘no rush’ approach so that they can talk to me, and we can get to the perfect solution for their lifestyle and their hearing. Making the most of my patients lives so they can enjoy every day is my focus and my priority. If my patients can hear well and smile, I’m delighted.”

Ms Olwyn Morris, BSc, MSc, CCC, IAA, ISHAA (Psychology Graduate, Clinical Audiologist, Published Scientist, Specialist in Adult and Paediatric Diagnostics, Hearing Aids, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and Misophonia Rehabilitation).

Olwyn’s journey of Audiology Cork began during her psychology degree in 2007 when she completed a psycho physics audiology research project under Professor Bernhard Seeber at the MRC institute of hearing research at the University of Nottingham. Bernhard investigates sound processing in the human ear and uses his insights to make improvements to hearing aids and audio systems. This ignited Olwyn’s passion for audiology.

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Our Mission

Raise the volume on life and smile

Quality of Care

Each person is not alike and as a result, everyone deserves individualised care. A key component to the highest quality of care is the time and interest invested in each client. Our highly qualified clinical audiologists carefully follow best practices and respectfully explain every step of the process associated with Audiology Cork to ensure that you recieve the highest quality of service.


Quality of Life

The key to a great quality of life is strong relationships, effortless communication and participation in life events and personal interests. Our core purpose is to provide you with the support to engage, listen and communicate with ease and enjoyment giving you back your zest for life.


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is the feeling of being safe and protected. Hearing difficulties can isolate, frustrate and create a sense of detachment from the world around you. Our Audiologist Cork experts want to ensure that you feel connected and understood in the hearing world bringing you, your friends, and your family peace of mind.

Our Services

We hear, We listen, We help
Adult Audiology 0C4A7486

Adult Audiology

As an adult, your hearing can change over time for several reasons. It’s our job here at Medico Audiology Services Audiologist Cork make sure that you understand your hearing better and can live your life as you wish to, every day, WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax builds up from particles and dirt from the apocrine sweat glands and the sebaceous glands found in the ear canal. Ear wax at normal levels is protective, allowing a barrier against bacteria.

Paediatric Audiology cute little girl hiding behind the table

Paediatric Audiology

Even if there are no perceived problems, all children should have a full hearing assessment before they start school. Mild and single sided hearing problems often go undetected without a thorough children’s hearing test.

Hearing Aids 0C4A7342

Hearing Aids

There are many different types of hearing aids, but you don’t need to worry about which ones are best for you, that is why we are here! We will assess your hearing and guide you through the process of learning to hear well again, with the right hearing solution.



Many of us have experienced tinnitus or ringing in our ears at some point. Sometimes it can be from prolonged exposure to loud noises or be caused by some medications.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder

Children and adults can have normal hearing sensitivities, yet still experience hearing difficulties, particularly in competing noise environment.

Musician And Noise Protection 2

Musician And Noise Protection

We are often asked by patients to support them in their musical endeavours so that they can hear well whilst listening to or practising playing music.

swing plugs

Swim Plugs

Whether you are an occasional swimmer or are in the water a lot, we can help!

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